“A good place to network, and to listen and learn. The sessions and the conferences were all very good and well planned. Knowledge is power.”

Mike Haselton, Technical Manager, Sappi UK.

“It's a great way of benchmarking and hearing what the rest of the industry is doing to innovate.”

Jean-Paul Wheater, Continuous Improvement Manager, Linney Group.

“Well worth a visit to see the latest technology and hear from industry specialists about future trends.”

Lynton Buxton, Group Marketing Manager, The TALL Group of Companies.

“Good opportunity to showcase exhibitors new products and to learn more about the industry direction. Go for the seminars if nothing else.”

Steve Taylor, Sales Manager, Domino UK Ltd.

“Good convenient location with free parking! Smallish event so could plan effectively what and who I want to see and speak with. Great communications allowing planning in advance for the seminars and workshops.”

Geoff Harris, Print and Production Director, McCann.

“hugely relevant event for the industry. An excellent event with really high quality exhibitors and delegates.”

Tom Scott, Marketing Manager, UK Book Binders.

“Interesting, and good variety of suppliers etc.”

Alison Davies, Senior Marketing Professional, Canon (UK) Ltd.

“Worth it to keep in touch with new developments and equipment, and thinking at conferences.”

Michael Johnson, Partner, Print-Out.

“As a first time exhibition I thought the whole show was good with scope to grow and improve in the future. The workshops were good and again have potential to be a great lure for people to get involved with. Overall an interesting concept that I would be happy to recommend.”

Carl Lawrence, Print Production Controller, Bauer Media.

“Its a good two day event that will benefit most businesses with a range of events and stands covering most aspects of the print industry.”

Richard Foale, Head of Digital, CPi Colour.

“I had a good talk with various software vendors and follow-up meetings were arranged. Thank you very much for setting this all up.”

Andreas Schillinger, Managing Director, Dynamic Systems ID Ltd. t/as Lotus Labels.

“Great opportunity to learn more from industry experts within the seminar sessions with real world examples to utilise within your own business units.”

Lee Womack, CPS Specialist, Imagenet.

“I believe it was a good first show for Print Week and there were some interesting items that personally kept me in touch with some of the new innovations in the industry.”

Jayne Treutlein, Client Services Manager, RR Donnelly.

“Good range of suppliers and services on display. The size and range of the exhibition was ideal for our purposes, which was essentially a fact-finding mission. We spoke to knowledgeable people and sourced a range of new suppliers.”

Stuart Parton, Marketing Manager, Wakefield College.

“The event provided a good mix of opportunity to meet new suppliers and learn about industry changes and forecasts, not too big and well focussed.”

Mark Plummer, Managing Director, PlatinumHPL.

“People I know within the industry would benefit from the event next year.”

Timothy Mangles, Senior Reproductive Technician of Graphics, Summit Print.

“Quality of speakers and attendees very high. A good opportunity to hear top industry operators talking about relevant issues.”

Tim Drake, Chairman, Print and Paper Think Tank

“Good to participate in a print related event like this - networking and understanding trends and latest ideas. It's a good opportunity to get up close and personal with exhibitors, and to take part in workshops and conference sessions which help gather ideas that could work in your business.”

Beth Bethell, IT Director, St Ives.

“I found the event very interesting and wished I had set a side two days as opposed to half a day. I enjoyed the event and had some good meetings. I wish I had planned myself better and attended on both days and attended more of the workshops. I liked the set up and layout as it was a lot more intimate than other events I have attended. I think the workshops and conferences are important as I feel we should all be talking with each other and sharing ideas in order to move this industry forwards, in spite of all the hurdles we face.”

Fenton Smith, Managing Director, Boss Print Ltd.

“Happy to support new events that keep print alive and kicking”.

Barry Pearson, Project and Product Manager, Nitecrest.

“It was very interesting to hear about work trends and demands in the print industry.”

Paul Stinson, Application Specialist, Papergraphics.

“Invest the time & trouble to attend trade shows if you can - you'll always learn something.”

Jeff Clark, Director, Admiral Design and Print.

“I got so much out of the workshops and conferences. Fantastic way to broaden your printing brain!”

Chris Marson, Quality and Innovation Manager, Webmart.

“I think people should attend PrintWeekLive! to hear the stories and views of market leaders. I thought the event was very interesting and many of the presentations were by industry leading personnel who you might not always be able to hear talk.”

Robert Squires, Print Consultant, Pureprint.

“Great event, convenient, good size and great content.”

Jo Francis, Contributor, Print Week.

“There was something for everyone there.”

Ewa Evans, Print and Mail Specialist, Screwfix.

“Workshops and conference talks were very good.”

Colm Downer, Director, Westside Press.

“It was a successful inaugural event - the conference sessions were strong - there was a fresh feel to the approach on how to please the industry.”

Annie Hotton, PR Content Manager, Duomedia.

“Good event for business.”

Bjorgvin Ragnarsson, General Manager, Haskolaprent.

“I found it very informative and it would help a supplier we use to go and take a look and maybe give them a new lease of life to other ideas and avenues to their business.”

Jay Patel, Project Manager, Reynolds Press.

“I thought the workshop element was excellent and will definitely attend other workshops. I will also try and attend a conference on future visits.”

Gavin Hay, Client Services, Xcaliba Ltd.

“I found it positive overall and have never visited this venue before. Strong branding and compact venue. Easy to see everyone.”

Peter Swann, Digital Systems Sales Manager.

“Excellent conferences and great to get a number of different views about the future of print, all under one roof.”

Peter Jolley, General Manager, Kern Ltd.